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Science Revue AGM - 2007

Friday 26th October 2007


• Patryck Allen

• Paul

• Issac

• Yasmin

• Victiroa

• Jade

• Susy

• Julian

• Xzander

• Daniel Scott

• Nick Starte

• Pat Coy

• Malvin Sharma

• Vicente Arullo-Peters

• Maryssa

• Dave Smith

• Matt Koczorowski

• Lachlan Toohey

• Casey Handmer

• Nick Cooper
• Terry Miu


Meeting opened 3:14pm


Michelle, Christian.

Minutes from Last Meeting

Minutes from last meeting re-read. Significant changes to structure, constitution and funding occurred. Daniel Scott accepted the minutes, Maryssa seconded.


Limited, congratulations from all, inc. Science Faculty and Dean of Science.

Motions on Notice

- Motion to create activity in the off-season. Make use of dropped segments for DVD/promotional material in the following year.

Annual Reports:

President’s Report [Patryck Allen]

- This year’s show was such an amazing success.

- We cannot describe the turn-around of this show.

- I’m sure all members are aware of this turn around, it was amazing.

- It was contributions by the new executive.

- As President;

- Strengthened ties with other revues.

- Organised inter-revue meeting every Friday for 3 months to discuss cooperation between the revues.

- Facilitated the launch party for the revue season overall.

- Aim was to increase publicity, that the revue season existed.

- Worked exceptionally well.

- As Producer;

- Running production meetings.

- Executive worked together great as a team, thankyou to the executive from 2007.

- Asking for questions?

Treasurer’s Report [Lachlan Toohey]

- Waiting on audit completion due to a final late bill from the Union.

- As treasurer;

- Be aware of money at all times.

- Monitor transactions and all financial activities.

- Really good records of where the money has went.

- Two-signatories on all records.

- Accurate counting.

- Be aware of multiple currencies falling through into the Cash Box.

- Went from 6287$ in debt , currently 8000$ in bank.

- Remaining bills to be paid, still leaving 500$ in the bank approximately, dependant on outstanding invoices.

- Money is donated to the charity due to collections throughout the year as well as excess money from well-being. Has not been counted, estimated to be between 300-500$

- Asking questions of the treasurer.

Sponsorship Report [Daniel Scott]

- Sponsorship went reasonably well, made 2000$ sponsorship last year, up to 5350$ total cash. 800$ estimated in-kind sponsorship from condoms, landsdowne, and red bull.

- $3000 from Faculty of Science.

- $1500 from New Scientist

- $300 from YSA

- $250 from Ceroc and Modern Jive

- $300 from Uni Brother’s Kebabs

- Applied for a national science week grant for next year’s season. Applied for 8100$.

- Sorting out thankyou certificates and organising communication for the new sponsorship officer.

- As sponsorship officer;

- Find and approach companies to request money.

- Requires dealing in a corporate environment.

- Requires accurate ideas of where the money will be going.

- Also, an additional skill to normal lab and science skills.

- [Noted by Maryssa] Additional companies have expressed interest in next year’s revue.

- Landsdown hotel was happy with sponsorship and are interested in continuing support next year.

- [Pat] Approximately 16% of the income is dependant on the sponsorship officer.

Publicity Report [Nicholas Cooper]

- Publicity this year went well.

- Large improvement of ticket sales.

- Reached targets nearly for this year.

- Shows themselves act as publicity.

- Publicity internal fundraising was required to work with a small budget and achieve targets of distribution of posters, chalk, flyers, etc.

- T-Shirts incredibly successful.

- As publicity;

- Be innovative

- Be the revue

- Spam everyone

- Delegate

Fundraising Report [Maryssa Portelli]

- As fundraising;

- Most of the work is done in the first semester.

- Living nearby is a bonus.

- Prepared to store and purchase things as required.

- Responsible for setting up a committee and organising people.

- Working hand-in hand with the treasurers.

- Went quite well, BBQ was effective, also for publicity.

- Recommended not using Union catering for next year.

- Approximately met the target for fundraising this year.

- [Maryssa] Congratulated the treasurers.


President/Head Producer

Pat Allen nominates Maryssa Portelli, seconded by Paul Sztajer.

- Running for a second year, due to being at Sydney Uni doing a phd.

- Enjoyed working with the executive.

- Looking to make the society grow in 2008.

Maryssa Portelli nominates Pat Allen, seconded by Nick Cooper.

- Fundraising executive and assistant director.

- Concentrate on a behind the scenes role; rather than a mix of behind the scenes and director.

- Would like to continue the legacy of the excellent show this year.

Yasmin Clarke nominates Victoria Coles, seconded by Susy Natal.

- Involved for 2 years now.

- Looking for a more involved role in the revue.


Victoria nominates herself for treasurer, Yasmin seconded.

- [See above]

Pat nominated Christian Stefani, Maryssa seconded.

- Christian was to help with sponsorship.

- Helped with props.

- Very keen for further involved next year.

- Has a degree in Commerce, employed as an Accountant for a couple of years.

John Baxter nominates himself, seconded by Paul.

- Only on the edges of the revue the past few years.

- Treasurer of the motorcycle club, experience.

- Familiar with the Union, organised and thorough.


Alvin nominates himself, seconded by Maryssa.

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Derrick nominated himself, seconded by Paul.

- Heavily involved in the year.

- Big interest in getting involved in the corporate side of things.

Fundraising Officer

Christie Nelan nominates herself, seconded by Nick.

- Christie did well-being this year.

- Excellent job on late notice organising food when others were stressed.

- Lives close to Uni.

- Not involved in the show, familiar with the executive. Been involved in the show for the past two years.

Rish Verma nominates himself, seconded by Paul.

- Raised more money for CF this year than any other individual.

- Made a lot of money through the condom guessing competition.

- Ticket desk every day. Reliable involvement.

Publicity Officer

Pat Allen nominates Nick Cooper, not seconded.

Lachlan Toohey nominates Paul Sztajer, Yasmin seconds.


President/Head Producer

Congratulations to Patryck Allen, producer for 2008.


Congratulations to John Baxter and Victoria Coles, treasurers for 2008.


Congratulations for Alvin Mak, secretary for 2008.

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Congratulations for Derrick Roberts, sponsorship officer for 2008.

Fundraising Officer

Congratulations for Rish Verma, fundraising officer for 2008.

Publicity Officer

Congratulations for Paul Sztajer, publicity officer for 2008.

General Business

- Moved for the creation of a Social Secretary.

- At the next executive meeting define specific roles for the new position.

- Meeting to vote on new position on Friday the 16th of November

- Create off-season committee for DVD/promotional material.

- [Nick] Consideration of an off-season revue.

- [Casey] Savings account.

- [Casey] Look at bringing new people into the revue.

Conclusion of Meeting

Meeting closed at 4:50pm.