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Prodn Meet W12

SR production meeting


Thursday 29/5

Holme common room


Meeting opened 7:30


Apologies: Alvin (on prac?), Nick Starte (sick as a dog), Alistair (pre-booked)


In attendance: Nick Cooper, Cailtin Gillis, Patryck Allen, Vic Coles, Lia, Julian G, Chloe, Rish V, John B, Derrick.


Thank you to Uni Bros Kebabs for tonight’s beautiful catering!


Treasurer’s reports:  Lots of money, opening accounts,



BBQs: so far estimated $1370 profit, expected another $70 (W13)


Cake stalls – in Sem 2  W 2, 4, 7, 9 (+tickets, +condom jar)

Hoping 2-300/week

Eastern Ave?  Wentworth Lawns? Different locations?


Thus Rish is targeting for $3000


Other ideas?  Be innovative.


Lia: “we actually make balloons out of condoms for our project”

 “we fill it with fluid”


Social:  Camp: So far 9, 8 to pay (here)

Guest speakers: Patryck looking into it.  (Adam Yardley, Angus Templeton, others…)


Wellbeing news: Rhiannon volunteered for Madame head wellbeing.

David Louis keen.  (David Louis is Mr Wonderful.)


Indiana Jones movie?  People have all already seen it, or don’t have time.

Some of the first year girls wants to go: Rish excited by this point.


Socials: Burgerfuel next Monday!


Afterparty: scout hall, Lansdowne, sailing club?


Sponsorship: not much happening, but the situation is awesome, (runs through the repertoire) so who cares!?

Cookie Man – possible new sponsor?


We can’t realistically do heaps for sponsors, throughout the year, but we can try:

We should at least try to ensure their names go at the bottom of all emails.


PWC (and other people?) are running off some posters…


Lansdowne were in limbo previously, possible to organize something for the afterparty.

(Don’t want to step on food people’s shoes.)

Afterparty: we shall ask for a bartab.  Total tab would need to be something like $1000+


Red Bull for camp? (Maybe not)

Red Bull for in the revue.


Online ticketing: Seymour have it, we can do it through Nick…  Unsure if we need to use Seymour’s service.

Needs to be worked out, but wait and see.

(Nick’s is great because of seat selection, and should be able to combine tickets for price reductions etc….)


Publicity (again):  Chloe looking like good option.

GM end next week (13).


Balloons idea: quotes will be gotten.


Dicker is doing design stuff for various options.


Budget not sure (Pat to contact Chloe/).  $564 profit (after funding) so far.


In lead up to revue: publicity need to work chalking and publicity around rehearsing.

Pre-revue social/publicity event idea raised – see previous thoughts on ‘relaunch’ party.


Sky writing?  (Rish’s foolish idea.)  (Fabulous, but foolish.)


‘Innovative’ flyering campaigns: sudoku on rear (without solution!)


Photocopying options: USU; Fac Sci option; don’t use white; A3

Colour photocopying costs, but uni publishing service, possibly also PWC.


Graffiti tunnel is cool.

Also digital: emailing people, the Bull (online and not), website, facebook


Directors: Alistair and Julian to go through tapes tomorrow.  Nick to look over himself also.

To get to people by Monday morning (people need to know so they can book for camp).


Other Production:

Looking at…

Stage Manager: Lachlan

Backstage manager: ?

Props: (Need)

Costumes: Nadia (? – needs help)

Wellbeing: Rhiannon +…

AV: Dicker + training person up?

Ticketting officer: (Need) – David Louis?

Front of house: John

Selling programmes: Wellbeing, publicity…?

Programmes: committee needed (to be established – can do at camp)

Props/set: Nick (Cooper)

Music: Terry (?), Mark


Interlude: People with whips!!


Other stuff:


Collaberate with Commerce

Architecture have expressed interest, but we’re not sure what.


Relaunch party:

Should be free, but can make money other ways (tangential):


Book it early: and make friends so we don’t get overdone.

Pat to give details to Caitlin to do stuff.  (Richard Cuthbert.)

Union catered: get more funding


Revuers get free season passes, possibly (unsure of who exactly):


Seeing other revues: can get funding, and pre-social events;

Goto Burgerfuel beforehand;


Publicity events: getting funding, catering, making it nice for people;


Dance:  Opening number, everybody on stage…

Starting with people at camp.

Part of ‘theme’


Generally: internal consistency, but needn’t be thematic


Next meeting/upcoming:

GM, Friday 6th June (for election of publicity)


Camp needs to be organized…

Organisational meeting: Sunday 29th – afternoon.

(Only 3 days before camp.)



Meeting closed: 9:03