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Writing the Bible

Best idea so far alternatives below.

(Two writers, one manically typing, the other musing)

D: Christ im tired

G: Christ... Christ... - that's brilliant!

D: What?

G: Just working on a book, was looking for a name...

D: Can i have a glance, working on something myeslf...

G: Uh sure, it might be a bit beyond you though (hands it over)

D: "in the beginning there was nothing" - It's a bit bleak, isnt it?

G: It gets better, then worse, the endings good though

D: (Flicks to end). Its okay, leaves it open for a sequel

G: I think the readers will be demanding it - you know, screaming in the streets and so on

D: A bit hopeful i think

G: You havent seen my PR team - dont read the book and you go to hell

G: Hell?

G: Hot place, sorta firely

D: Brilliant!

G: Yeh - its the ultimate story, boy meets girl, girl has unexpected pregnancy, and child gets killed in ironic carpentry disaster.

W: Brilliant!   There's just one thing, though... [G: mm?] isn't it a bit of a sausage fest?

G: ...You're right! - it needs a whore!