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Wheel of Fortune

Lights up on a stage, wheel of fortune theme music pops up. On screen there is a wheel of fortune puzzle with the title popular song.

Voice over: Welcome back to wheel of fortune, with your host Thomas McHardy

Thomas: Now for the final round. John was our winner Today with $4392. This means you can choose 3 consonants and 1 vowel. Tonights puzzle is a popular song title.

John: Tom, I would like a C for candle, umm, T for the, W for wind and, uh, an I for in.

Thomas: You have 10 seconds to give us the answer, Good Luck.

John times out without guessing the puzzle, Thomas looks at John in disbelief, after John had used all the words in the puzzle for his guess letters

Thomas: The answer was Candle in the Wind