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What Would Darwin Do? (2)

A sequel to the WWDD sketch last year. This would be a video skit - kinda like a public service announcement.

A man is sitting on a couch watching TV, with the remote control on the table in front of him. His wife is sitting next to him.

Wife: How long till the pizza gets here?
Husband: Any minute now, dear.

The man reaches for the remote control, but can't quite reach it. He keeps trying to do so, in vain.

Freeze Frame.

VO: Has this happened to you? Are your spouse's arms too short to reach the remote control? Do they fail to reach the top shelf? Are they stumpier than you'd like?

Here at WWDD, we have a state of the art approach to solving this all-too-common problem. By using the simple philosophy "What Would Darwin Do", our experts have discovered the appropriate response.


The doorbell rings, and the wife goes to the door, opening it to reveal the pizza delivery man. Noticing the length of his arms, she asks her husband:

Wife: Dear...
Husband: Yes?
Wife: How long are your arms?
Husband: 40 cm.
Wife: (to pizza delivery man) And yours?
Pizza Man: 45 cm.
Wife: (pulling the pizza man inside) Come with me. (she then drags him towards the bedroom, saying) Honey, please don't disturb us. I'm getting impregnated.
Husband: (unpeturbed) Yes, dear.

Cuts to screen of WWDD Logo

VO: What Would Darwin Do: Thinking of the children.