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What do you do?

Spot light on boy in an exam room doing an exam.

Boy: C...C...C...C......A...C...C

Boy puts his hand over paper to feel its aura/answer



Sits back in his chair.

What am I doing here? What should I do with my life? Working the mines?

V/O: No

Boy: Japanese whaling boat?

V/O: No

Boy: a writer?


Spot up on Lady in a business suit, looming behind him. Lady a hand on his shoulder.

Boy: Well what should I do?

Lady: Come work with us...

2nd person in suit appears and poses, smiling.

Boy: But where?

3rd and 4th suited people appear and pose.

Lady: At a place where innovation, freedom of expression and global leadership surge powerfully

5th suit poses

Boy: But what could I do?

Lady: You could get invaluable experience in a diverse range of disciplines

Suits all posed start to surround him from behind

Boy: But what's the point, What do you do?

Lady: We select graduates of tappable potential, with an array of lifestyle choices and personal aspirations

Boy: But... what do you DO? (echos)

all the suits around him freeze. Price Waterhouse Cooper logo appears on screen. Lights Down.