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Uber Geeks

Before opening sequence begins, the audience is all seated, lights go down halfway.
Two uber nerds walk out across the front of the stage, one with huge black thick rimmed glasses, one with a big carton of popcorn, maybe one has a backpack. Both clearly have no fashion sense whatsoever and are obviously exaggerated caricatures.
They make their way toward two empty seats amongst the audience, muttering, "Excuse me, coming through" etc etc, there should be a little bit of humour in their nerdy mannerisms, they finally get settled into their seats.
Nerd 1: "Oh my god, I can't wait for the Science Revue to begin (gleeben)"
Nerd 2: "It's gonna be sooo good!"
Nerd 1: making an arc motion with both hands as he says "Radius.. of the Lost Arc.."
both nerd laugh, getting some obscure joke no one else would get
Nerd 2: "Hey, (Nerd 1's name), have you finished that ultimate female programming device yet?"
Nerd 1: "Oh, you mean my computerised super-reality virtu-girlfriend? Yeah, nearly done, I just need to confibrilate her plastocimizer and she'll be ready for rocket launch in no time,"
Nerd 2: "Hehe, (nerd laugh) [Pause]... nice."
Lights go down fully, spot on the two nerds
Nerd 2: "Oh my god, it's beginning!"
Both lean forward intently, eating the popcorn as they wait for the show to begin.
Lights down fully, opening sequence begins.
There is potential for these two characters to be brought back once or twice more during the show, I have some more quick dialogue ideas that can be expanded on, involving complicated smart people speak. Also, thought that it could somehow unfold that Nerd 1's computerised virtu-girlfriend is actually a devastating AI computer in the spirit of HAL from 2001 a space odyssey, and he is planning to use her for "Ultimate World Domination, ahoyben!"
Secondly, it would be great if this script was taken up, and Alistair and Nick S played the two nerds, particularly as they already have seats in the audience.