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Thriller Ringtone

well a woman (can be a man but woman seems more likely) is standing in the middle of stage with a handbag (either really massive like a duffel bag or one of those bags with a ridiculous amount of pockets), her whereabouts? currently unknown (but that can be changed with more imput from others and other sketches)

Zombie 1:    *appears on stage right and advances, in that slow zombie way, towards her*

Woman:    *sees the zombie and tries to exit to stage left eyes transfixed on zombie 1*

Zombie 2:    *appears out of stage left*

more zombies appear from the wings after the zombie 1 and zombie 2 (not too many though)

Woman: *turns around and notices the new zombie metres before running into its outstretched arms, Shrieks and runs back to anyway she shrieks and runs back to the centre stage to find more zombies have come out of stage right, after seeing the zombies she stands there stunned and slightly panicked*

all of the sudden her phone starts ringing
her ring tone is thriller
as soon as it starts she fumbles for it as it is in the bottom of her hand bag/massive country road bag

As soon as the thriller starts the zombies jolt and adopt a confused face. Then they become compelled to start dancing the thriller (still with the confused and shocked faces). but the girl doesn't notice as she is too busy looking for her phone, with the possible chance of getting help
the woman misses the call after a few seconds (or long enough for the audience to get its thriller that the zombies are dancing)

Woman: *swears then looks up again*

in that time the zombies have stopped dancing and have started advancing on her again with annoyed faces (for zombies anyway)

who ever called her calls again and she fumbles for her phone and again the zombies are compelled to dance

this process repeats till the zombies get really close (maybe 3 times in total)

the woman has managed to get her phone by now, but becuase one of the zombies (probably zombie 1) is so close...

Zombie 1: *grabs the phone and dashes it against the ground*

Woman: *looks stunned*

The Zombies *looking varying degrees of mad or annoyed* stare at the woman, then begin to close in on her. Just as they're about to maul her, her phone rings again. The zombies are once more compelled to dance, and the woman makes a break for it. *lights down*

my own suggestions are that the ring tone starts with the laughter from the song followed by the start of the song, that way it gives the zombies a chance to be stunned and then compelled. and at the end you could get a down light on the phone just as the phone rings (with the evil laughter)

This suggestion came from chloe
Chloe says:
maybe they should be in the middle of zombifying her
Chloe says:
when it rings
Charles - Check out my blog on says:
interesting concept
Charles - Check out my blog on says:
and she can run off stage while they're trapped in dance
Charles - Check out my blog on says:
it could end with the laughter of that maniac guy (during the lights down)
Charles - Check out my blog on says:
or not
Charles - Check out my blog on says:
*shrug* mere logistics
Josh Pearse,
Jul 5, 2008, 12:58 AM