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Sterotypes Anonymous

Straight: Welcome to Stereotypes Annonymous. This week's meeting we're focusing on our reason why we want to change. WHY we want to break our of our stereotypes.



Motivational speaker

Mob Boss

Miltant feinist


Stright: How about we go around and talk about our stereotype problems.

Bogan: Well I dont have a problem! (takes giant swig)

Motivational speaker: The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. See, I'm a motivational speaker. MY problem is that, like you I battle with unrealistically seeing everything as positive, I'm afird that everything I've repressed while counting to 10 will explode in a pent up ball of rage. (pauses, looks into distance) It's been 30 days since I last recontexualised a question and workshopped it at a later date.

Bogan: Bloody poof. (swig)

Straight: Well done. How about you

Cheerleader: People don't appreciate how hard it is to be this perfect, both physically and aesthetically. People only see the top layer, but what the don't realise is that there's more underneath. [You see under here (draws finger across chest) I'm wearing totally hot Calvin's.] [It was funnier without - John]

Feminist: What counts is what's actually inside YOU.

Cheerleader: Even then everyone else is all so blood and icky inside, but my doctor says Im completely hollow!

Punchline being that the straight guy returns from phone call asks a question that was revelant 10 minutes ago “So how are you going with your alcoholism?”