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Say Cheese

Photographer: Ok, say cheese.


Person: What kind of cheese?


Photographer: Just say the word ‘cheese’.


Person: What for?


Photographer: It will make you smile.


Person: I don’t like cheese.


Photographer: It isn’t the point, you just say the word.


Person: And it will make me smile?


Photographer: Yes.


Person: We’ll see.


Photographer: Ok, so say cheese….


Person: Cheese.


Photographer: What are you doing?


Person: I said cheese, just like you said.


Photographer: But what are you doing with your face?


Person: I’m trying not to smile.


Photographer: Well why are you doing that?


Person: You said it would MAKE me smile.


Photographer: And?


Person: And I’m showing you different.


Photographer: Why?


Person: I don’t like being made to do things.


Photographer: Listen, I’m just trying to take your photo. You don’t HAVE to say anything if you don’t want to, just smile for the camera.


Person: Ok.

Photographer: Good, so smiling now…




Photographer: There that was easy.


Person: I’m sorry?


Photographer: In the end, that was easy.


Person: No it wasn’t, that took ages.






The End, maybe.










Written by Matt