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Lights up on Einstein and student

Stu: Einstein, explaing to me relativity. I just don't get it

Ein: Basically as objects approach the speed of...

Stu: No, No. Don't get crazy. Explain it simply.

Ein: Basically everything is relative. I am a white guy, relative to a black guy. I hate babies, realtively

A: Oh, and I'm an arts student relatively.

Ein: I oppose nuclear war... relatively

Both laugh evilly

Stu: Einstein, I love you...(Einstein shies away) Relatively. (Fake laugh)

Ein: I don't love you. It won't work...(Einstein slides arm around Student) Relatively...

Stu: I think we should cut this out for the moment and get some work done...

Ein: Relatively!!!

They collapse behind the desk. From behind the desk

Ein: So do you understand now?

Stu: Relatively

Lights Down.