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Man stands idle as a woman walks past


Man: Hey baby, nice tits. I give them a B+.


Woman: How dare you rate me! You pig!


Woman continues walking


Man: Your ass gets an A-.


Woman: If you rate me one more time I’ll yell Rate.


Man: Legs. C-


Woman: Rate! Rate!


Woman pulls out a Rate whistle and blows on it


Woman: Rate!


People bound in to intervene


OtherM: What’s going on here!


Woman: He tried to Rate me!


OtherF: Oh my god!


OtherM: Did he hurt you?


Woman: Just my feelings, and my self esteem.


Man: Self esteem? You got an A- for your ass.




OtherM: Really? An A-?


Man: You don’t think so?


OtherM: Well from certain angles it’s more of a B+.


Woman: For goodness sake!


OtherF: What the hell are you doing!


OtherM: What? Sorry, honey! I just couldn’t help myself.


OtherF: Right, well what am I then?


OtherM: Excuse me?


OtherF: You rated her, you can rate me. Go on then, what am I?


Man: C-


OtherF: You shut up!


OtherM: This is a trap, though. I can’t possibly rate you.


OtherF: And why the hell not?


OtherM: Cause….honey….she’s hotter than you.


Woman: It’s because it’s demeaning you jackass. You can’t just rate women! How would you like it? How would you like it if I called you an E-?


OtherM: Well…I guess I’d still think she was hotter than you.



The End, possibly.




Written by Matt