Radius of the Lost Arc: Camp Version

This is a very very rough version of what was discussed at camp, I've done this from memory, so please forgive the mistakes

Edit: It was Harry, not William who dressed up as a Nazi

  • arc de triumph (sp?) has gone missing
  • Indy is put on the case

  • goes to Paris, finds plucky sidekick, young enough to be his daughter

  • Goes to Mount Vesuvius

  • Finds out the baddy who stole the arc is Prince Harry in a Nazi costume

  • PH needs the arc to complete Stone Henge which will then get rid of the Magna Carta (fuck knows how)

  • (Stonehenge is the ancient source of the royal family's power. The Magna Carta was created to curb it's power, and crippled stonehenge. restoring stonehenge destroys the magna carta)
  • Plucky Sidekick: Will that work?

  • Indy and PH: Of course, don't you understand science?!

  • the arc has to be shrunk first, hence the volcano “you know how you shrink plastic bottles by putting them in hot water? Same principle.”

  • Sticking arc in volcano destabilises it

  • U2 volcano medley

  • PH escapes with arc

  • Indy and sidekick are trapped

  • End of act One, nothing is heard about Indy until very end of second act

  • Indy and sidekick get out of fridge

  • Indy: Well, that was straight forward

  • They go to stone henge

  • They somehow stop PH

  • Indy permanently changes the radius of Stone Henge so this can't happen again (by recalibrating it, long stick etc like raiders of the lost arc)

  • The arc is put in a museum, possibly Nicholson

  • .....

  • profit!