Radius of the Lost Arc - General Ideas

Here's some general ideas for skit and plot that I've had.

Prologue: The Circle. The first circle in history is invented, hailed as awesome, and broken at the end.

This leads into Misplaced Prop, renamed Broken Prop, where the actors come in for a scene that involves the arc, and, finding it missing a piece, lose their place, ruining "the best skit in the revue". At the end of this, the director says to proceed to the punchline, which is "That's what she said", leading into:

The Opening Number. We could start off with the indiana jones theme music for a title sequence, where 'old indie' starts walking across the stage with a walking stage being chased by a 'boulder' (ie. a basketball) that's really slowly rolling along, to the point where it stops. A stagehand (or someone in proper costume) then has to push the ball into indie, who then falls over and dies...
theme music then mixes into another song maybe (cloning song?)? Just a thought...

We then (assuming we don't have a cloning song) have a cloning scene, where we talk about the different clones we have. In general, I kinda like the idea that the clones look nothing like each other, and maybe one dies in each subsequent scene.

A random thought is to have the song about random people around the place that are being 'called' towards a lab, where they will find out (in the scne) that they are in fact all indy clones that need to continue his legacy. Having the clones in the general population would bring up a nice joke about why they're all different - the 'nature vs nurture' argument ('you're all clones, but were raised in different environments. We can't possibly expect you to be the same.' 'Then howcome I'm a girl/black/3 foot tall?').

Other Scenes that are possible from here:

Zombie Nazi introduction (could simply have a skit of "where are the nazi's?")

Start/Middle of Act 2: zombies are about to kill everyone as they near the final battle place. So someone stays behind and sacrifices themselves for the team. Leads to Feed on Me.