4th Skit Final

(Enter GENERAL and 2 GUARDS restraining INDIANA and PETIT MIAM)

GENERAL: Your Majesty ...

HARRY: Ah hmm

GENERAL: (sarcastic) Heil Harry. (Normal) These two guards caught these two snooping

HARRY: Well done Sargent Expendable, Lieutenant... (Looks at the second guard confused)


GUARD: Forgettable, sir

HARRY: Ah, yes. that's it. Tie them up

(GUARDS tie INDIANA and PETIT MIAM to chairs)

HARRY: Ah, Dr. Jones. Oh yes, I know who you are, your reputation precedes you. What do you think of my lair?

INDIANA: I'm pretty impressed. Not enough villains are hiding out in volcanoes these days, but is this how you normally treat your guests, Harry?

HARRY: Of course not! You’ve still got your clothes on! How did you find me?

INDIANA: Years of studying the relics of Pompeii have taught me the unique structure of the dust of Mt. Vesuvius. You really shouldn't have chosen such a famous volcano.

HARRY: Ah, I'll remember that for next time. I assume you heard my plans?

INDIANA: We did, I always suspected Stonehenge housed a powerful weapon.

HARRY: Yes it's a shame it's been broken for so long. It's been disabled since the Magna Carta was signed. I discovered the secrets one night in the Conservatory. Mr Green had just left holding a candlestick... Look, that's not really important now is it

INDIANA: There's just one thing I don't understand. The Arc is way too big to replace the missing bit of Stonehenge.

GENERAL: Oh, we're shrinking it in the lava.

PETIT MIAM: Really, How does that work?

GENERAL: Like a soft drink bottle in boiling water.

PETIT MIAM: What, that doesn't even make sense?

HARRY, GENERAL, INDIANA: What, don't you know science?

HARRY: Anyway, it's been a pleasure Indiana. I hope you enjoy your demise.

INDIANA: Excuse me?

HARRY: According to these plans, the volcano will explode shortly after I finish shrinking the Arc.

SIDEKICK: But we'll be killed.

GENERAL: (Menacingly) Exactly.

HARRY: (Jovial) Enjoy!

(HARRY skips off, GENERAL Marches behind with the two GUARDS. Lights fate to red and a rumble is heard. INDIANA and SIDEKICK

PETIT: oh Harry, what are we going to do?

INDIANA: I don't know, why don't you try to think of something for once?

PETIT: I surrender! (waves white handkerchief)

INDIANA: Something better!

(Possibly a "quick, struggle harder" line) are struggling as the lights go out and as an eruption is heard)

(Barbershop Quartet "Is he really going to die in there?")