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Possible nude skit

There is a teller behind a window that covers all neccessary things. Near them is a line of people, with various hand bags, brief cases etc for blocking purposes. The first person approaches the window.
Person 1: Hi there, I'd like to make a withdrawal.
Teller: Card please.
Person 1: Want me to swipe it? (starts to reach behind them)
Teller: Just hand it here and I'll do it.
(person gets money and leaves - maybe goes and talks to another customer?)
Teller: Next please.
Man 1: I'd like to make a deposit. I've been waiting all week to do this, so it a going to be a big one. It'll probably take a long time.
Teller: If it's as big as you think it is I'll have to get you to wait till I've done a few more people.
Man 1: No problem. I'll get it ready over there. If I get it started, you'll be able to do it much quicker when I get back to you.
Teller: You are such a gentleman. Next please.
(man 2 approaches)
Man 2: Hi. I've got a problem. I've got some money here, but I can't decide what to do with it. Do I want it in, or or out? In, out, in, out, in, out...
Teller: I can save you the trouble sir. I can see how much you've got there, and there's not enough for it to be worth putting in. Sorry. Take it home and put it in your piggy bank. Next
(Man 2 hangs his head and walks away. Person 2 walks up to the counter)
Person 2: Hi. I'd like to...
(Two robbers enter. Robber 1 has a money sack and a pistol, the Robber 2 has an enormous gun. Both are wearing balaclavas)
Robber 1: All right everyone - this is a robbery! Stick em up!
Robber 2: That's right everyone! Reach for the sky. Hands in the air like you just don't care. Come on...
(everyone goes to raise their hands)
Robber 1: On second thought, everyone down on the ground instead (everyone goes to lie down) You know what, maybe just faces to the wall. (everyone starts to turn around) You know what, how about everyone just gets on their knees. But no one try anything funny.
Person 1: Your not very good at this. Is this your first time?
Robber1: No! I've robbed, like, at least 4 banks ...
Person 1: Its his first time. Everyone be careful. First timers always shoot prematurely.
(Walks behind person 1 and sticks his pistal in person 1's back)
Robber 1: You keep your mouth shut or someone's going to get something blown... off.
Person 1: Alright, alright. Easy now. Don't shoot me. Just take the gun out of my back.
(robber 1 removes gun and puts it into visible view)
Person 1: I said take the gun out of my back!
Robber 2: This has gone on long enough. (to robber 1) You. Go to the teller and get the money. Everyone else, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and it'll all be over soon.
(robber 1 goes to the teller)
Robber 1: Fill this bag up!
Teller: That's a very saggy sack you have there. Looks old.
Robber 1: Just fill it up!
Woman 1: (to robber 2 suddenly) Barry?
Man 2: You know this guy?
Woman 1: I do. That's Barry Jacobs. We used to date.
Person 1: How do you know it's him?
Woman 1: I'd recognise that gun anywhere.
Man 2: A gun that big, I'm not surprised you didn't forget.
(robber 2 takes of his mask and grins)
Robber 2: Thats right boys.
Robber 1: Shit. Barry, you idiot. We're screwed. We have to pull out. I'm pulling out now!
(starts leaving)
Robber 2: That's so typical of you Dave. As soon as your screwed you pull out. Never mind about about your partners needs. I need the money!
Robber 1: Don't say my name! Now they know who I am. (Pulls of balaclava, leaves the sack on the counter and uses the balaclava to hide his goods) That's it. I'm out. (Robber 1 leaves - awkward silence on stage as everyone just stands around)
Robber 2: Well, I don't like to do it by myself, but you gotta do what you've gotta do. Jenny, nice seeing you. I'll be taking this (grabs money and has everyone drop their money in the bag). Have a nice day everyone (exits).
Man 2: (angrily) Well, we just got fucked.
Teller: First time it's been by two men for me.
Everyone else down the line: Me to, Me to, me to, me to.
Final person in the line: (shrugs shoulders) Not my first time.
(lights out)