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Nude Sketch

 Button Guy - has a newspaper
 Shopkeeper, looks like a shopkeeper
 [Conspirator], has a handlebar mustache

Setting: Juliet balcony spotlight, button guy is reading a newspaper. There is a red button on a small table beside him. He looks continually tempted to press it. Ultimately gives in, presses the button. A ticking noise is heard, he wonders what is happening - then ninjas rip off his clothes, he covers himself and looks shocked. Lights down on up, up on right hand side of stage.

Right hand side of stage: Setup is a grocery store, selling cucumbers, melons, and other suspicious fruit. A shopkeeper is sorting stuff, looking cheerful [very].

A man and woman are shopping - girl for cucumbers, guy for melons. They chat a bit [mimed].

Guy makes a flirty gesture, girl responds by showing him her wedding ring.

Guy looks like he's making an excuse, shows her his house keys.

Girl shrugs, grabs guy's hand, runs off into the dark half of the stage.

Conspirator pops up behind the table [was previously not visible], plays with mustache 'conspiratorially'. Sneaks off stage.

Shopkeep looks saddened [the guy under his desk ran away].

Lights up on 'bedroom', i.e. left hand side of stage. Lights down on shop.

Guy goes to kiss girl.

Girl holds finger up to the guy's lips [stop], stands back and sits down on a chair - putting her shirt on, seductively.

Guy sits down, obviously impressed.

Girl goes to the guy, kneels down, puts a pair of boxers on his feet. He stands up and she lifts the boxers so he's wearing them.

Both now look sorta nervous, and then they begin awkwardly, frantically and seductively dressing each other. When they're pretty much fully clothed:

Husband and conspirator walk in. Conspirator points knowingly at the couple, and then husband mimes argument, alot of pointing, yelling, points at ring finger [is thinking: does this mean nothing to you].

Wife is acting excusing but defiant [is thinking: you don't do this for me]

Guy just shrugs [is thinking: not again]

Then, spoken by the husband:
You never wore that for me!

Note: If there is no actor spare to play the husband, then the conspirator and husband actions following are done by the same person. Otherwise, the conspirator must originally exit stage left [to pick up the husband]

 Lights down on stage, spotlight comes up on juliet again.

Guy who hit the button looks frankly shocked and confused. He hits it again - sharp light off on balcony.