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Man Products

Lifestyle Infomercial for men:

Real men don't need soap bars with ¼ moisturiser. Here at MAN. We now have soap that contains ¼ raw pain. You've heard about dove now try the vulture steel wool bar.

Cut to add campaign like the dove one with “real body shapes” but all hairy sore men.

The Man Face Lift:

Man testimonial. Begin dead pan voice.

“ Yeah I didn't want to lose my elasticity. So I decided to try the new “Man Facelift”.

I could really start to see the difference in just 8 seconds.

Cut to man strapping rocket to car and going at full speed.

Toilet cleaning Parody:

Need to watch add again to make parody.

Man asks woman over to his house.

At house, woman asks if it is alright if I use your bathroom to freshen up

Flashback to man flushing.

Man “ Yeah alright”

Add ends with a woman's scream.

Voiceover “flushing it's the only cleaning product you'll need”