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Two guys sitting on stage on stage (completely black background and floor), one is playing a game boy...
(pause for a while)
A: YES!... My Charmander evolved!
B: Your what did what?
A: My Charmander! it evolved!
B: Your what?
A: My Charmander... it evolved... On level 16!
B: Is (pronouncing it wrong) Charmanda a group of animals
A: No, its just one.  It evolved on level 16!  And it learnt flamethrower!
B: There were 16 generations?
A: oblivious to previous statement it won the battle, gained 2500 experience points, and it EVOLVED!
B: Individual creatures can't evolve like that
A: Yes he did, he's got bigger claws and everything and he learnt flamethrower!
B: Thats NOT how evolution works
A: Sure it does, look! he's got CLAWS! Gestures clawed hand at B
B:Evolution takes millions of years. It works through mechanisms of natural selection, those that are fittest survive to pass on their genet... cut off by A
A:still oblivious to B's annoyance.  Its stronger, looks cooler and has better moves! Like flamethrower!
A: I don't have time for this, I have a date with a Pickachu........ to burn............ with FLAMETHROWER!!! leaves
C: walks onstage holding a green mushroom (in Italian accent) I found a green mushroom! Extra life!
A: You found a what?