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Did Armstrong Visit the Moon...

To the tune "I don't want to live on the moon" Sung by Ernie on Sesame St. (Yeah, I was doing educational research....*Cough*

Did Armstrong visit the moon

On a rocket high in the air

Or did the government play us for fools

With a movie set they built somewhere


Did he get to look down at the earth from above

Or did the director just yell scream and shove

The conspiracists like it, just watch them all swoon

If you ask “did he visit the moon.”


Did Buzz Aldrin get to fly

Millions of miles up above

Did he really cross the night sky

To get from millions of people their love


I would like to believe it, but the skeptics all say

That the government just want the taxpayers to pay

For their hyped up old budget, their financial boon,

And believe that they’ve been to the moon.


I wish I could go back to sixty nine,

Watch as the rocket crossed o’er the line

Between earth and forever then I’d know for sure

That there’s more to this than just folklore


So did Armstrong visit the moon

In a rocketship launched in the air

Or did the government think us a baboon

With their financial slackness to bear….

Josh Pearse,
Sep 21, 2008, 9:02 AM