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Cheating Monologue

Matt’s Monologue:


Oh, it was inevitable.


My wife, my life, my love, a broken thing.


Sleeping with another woman was such a bad idea. Oh yes, the other woman.


But the other woman was so much hotter. Yes, her sister was so much hotter. It was worth the sex.


But I am a fool!


Yes, a mad fool, to believe I could jilt her so and keep it secret! It was never so.


We should have probably waited until she, my wife, was out of the house before we made our mad passionate love.


The woman has ears, after all.


And eyes.


If only I could traverse backward in time, it could all be different.


I would never have married her; I was stupid to do so.


All my friends advised me: ‘no, don’t! She’s ugly!’  I should have listened.


And she was ugly.


Still is.


Like if you can picture a pig then… Why did I do it?


It was because I loved her…stock portfolio. Yes, I remember, it was beautiful.


All gone now.


And now, what of me?


Her sister? No, she will not have me.


She loathes me now.




I should never have slept with her daughter.


Yes, sleeping with my wife’s sister’s daughter was such a bad idea!