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Barbie's Eulogy

This idea was spawned in one of the writing workshops on camp, it may need more length however.  Something about the drop in popularity due to Bratz.

Lights up. 
A PERSON dressed in black walks on stage.

PERSON:  Dear friends and family we have gathered here today to mourn the passing of a highly respected member of society. For nearly 50 years she was an upstanding member of the community. Revered by all, no one was able to match her measure.

She was talented in many fields and a true role model for girls everywhere. In her career she reached the very pinnacle of several professions. She covered the fields of medicine, law, rocket science, veterinary science, education, politics, car racing, paleontology, and being an all-round party girl who just wanted to have fun. Many believe that she would have become president were it not for long held prejudices regarding the make of someone's skin.

Despite her time consuming career she always looked her best, her complexion was perfect and some surmise it will remain that way for tens of thousands of years, even in the harshest of conditions of landfill.

Emotionally she was a strong woman, who always placed her siblings first, even as she went through rough patches with her boyfriend, Ken.

Barbie, you have touched millions of hearts and wallets, we will miss you.

Lights down.