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Lights up on stage. Two archaeologists (fuddy duddy) George and Reginald are pondering a manuscript/scroll at an archaeological site.

George: I say old chap, have you had a spiffing good day on the site?

Reginald: Why yes George, come have a look at this intriguing scroll I found. I believe it to contain the details on the lives of the <insert ancient civilisation>

George: (examining scroll) No, no, no this appears to be information on <insert alternate and contrasting civil activity>

Reginald: Really George I believe you have misinterpreted this sign here (points) this looks <original civilisation>

George: My sir you are being most thick, this cruciform here is clearly indicative of the <alternate civilisation>

A heated argument ensues, verging on violence. A third person, a post grad student walks past, looks at what George and Reginald are arguing over. Looks inquisitively, tilts his head, reaches out and turns the scroll upside down.

Reginald: (stunned) Lunch menu, Chicken and salad $5.50

Lights Down

By Cecilia, Charles Vicky