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An unCERNtain future...

An unCERNtain future.

Professor: (Collapses into chair) Well that’s all our funding gone.

Jimmy: Golly Professor, whaddya mean?

Professor: *Sighs* We broke it, didn’t we?


Professor: Twenty years, twenty five billion dollars buried beneath the alps and we've lost it... Not the kind of thing that people with money like. Mark my words, Jimmy. Tomorrow night we’ll probably be happily sleeping in a cardboard box.

Jimmy: Can I take the trash can? Because you snore really loudly.

Professor: No I don’t! Anyway, why should it matter anymore.

Jimmy: Why can’t we just use the time machine?

Professor: *Blinks* Well we’ve already played God once. What harm will one more time do.

Jimmy:  *Nods* All you need to do is make it so that it’ll only be out of commission for a few months. That shouldn’t warp the space-time continuum too much…

Professor: Jimmy, we’re talking about a machine that’s designed to warp the fabric of space time!

PROFESSOR stands and heads towards the TIME MACHINE

Jimmy: *shrugs, following* Ah well, at least we’ll be able to see in the New Year with a bang.

Professor: (Pauses, Nods and strokes his chin) Yes indeed, Jimmy. A Big Bang.