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Achieving Greatness

Lights up

There are two guys sitting in front of a TV which has its back to the audience. They are each holding controllers. One is dressed entirely in red, the other in blue.

Blue: All right, let's go another round!

The both sit ready, there are appropriate car racing sounds, the sounds signal the start of the race. Blue starts using the controller, Red puts his down and leans back, putting his hands behind his head.

Blue: Dude, what are you doing?

Red: With smug satisfaction I just won the race.

Blue: What? It's still going!

Red: I've already won though.

Blue: Wait, how?

Red: Well, you see, the speed of my driving is inversely proportional to its quality. By not moving my quality is equal to zero, making my speed infinite!

Blue: What? That's crap! That's like saying that if your breathing rate approached zero the quality of your breaths would be infinite.

Red pauses to consider this

Red: Great Scott! You're right!

Red starts holding his breath, cheeks puffed out

Blue: Wait, what?  No.  It was a joke.

Red: In a breathless manner Can't talk, achieving greatness!

Blue looks at him, shrugs and keeps on racing.  Fanfare erupts and the game announces that Blue player wins. Blue cheers, and stops and looks at Red, still with puffed out cheeks.

Blue: Dude, I can hear you breathing.

Lights down