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7 minutes

Jo rushes on stage to an impatient Alex

Jo: Hey dude, sorry I'm late, my watch is a bit behind.

Alex: Agitated and inspecting own watch 7 minutes? 7 minutes behind? Why don't you fix it?

Jo: I would, but then I'd lose 7 minutes of my life. I'd really rather run late. There is so much you can do with 7 minutes!

Alex: What are you talking about? You're late, you won't lose 7 minutes, you never had them to begin with.

Jo: Yes I will! Look, your watch says 10:42, and mine says 10:35. If I wind mine forward to match yours I'll lose 7 minutes!

Alex: But that time never existed, if it did you wouldn't be late. Agitated sigh Look, just change your watch, we've wasted enough time!

Jo: Easy for you to say! You aren't the one who's going to lose 7 minutes! I have so many different plans for that time. I could write a novel!


Jo: Fine a novella.


Jo: All right, a sonnet.


Jo: A haiku?

Alex: You can't even right the problem with your watch, let alone a haiku.

Jo: There's nothing wrong with my watch!

Alex: You're right about that, it must be your brain instead!  Here, let me help you!

Alex snatches watch off Jo and slams it on the floor, breaking it. Joe becomes a frozen moment.

Alex: Jo? Jo?


Alex: Shit.

Lights down

Possible trick with lighting.

after a long pause, the lights start to slowly fade, it's almost dark and the lights quickly come on again.  There is another pause and then lights down.


lights start to gently fade, then come up, fade, come up, fade

Jo: Oh come on!

hard lights down


lights start to gently fade, then come up, fade, come up, fade, lights fade to blackout then come up immediately during which time Jo has moved. Jo re-freezes. Hard lights down.