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Zombie Supermarket

spotlight to zombie (in makeup) already lying on right stage

full moon in background cutout maybe?

*wolf howls*
zombie arises and lumbers to the left*
zombie: braaaains... (repeated throughout)

zombie walks past upturned shopping trolley, turns it upright and starts pushing it (with arms still extended)

zombie walks past stocked supermarket shelves, starts loading trolley with tinned brains

zombie arrives at checkout

checkout chick (in uninterested monotone): Will that be all sir?
zombie (breaking character entirely): yes actually, i was wondering if you have any fresh brains in store today?
checkout chick: im sorry sir, our next shipment comes on friday.
zombie: oh that really is to bad you see im having some friends over tonight and i was

pauses, looks to checkout chick and has a brilliant idea

zombie (begins clawing at checkout chick): braaaains...