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The Socialist Alternative

...and a list of what we could possibly do with them (many from a fairy bread friday some time back).

Cake stalls - getting their money stolen?

a meeting with different characters in the society:
     - 'We should riot!'
     - solution is ALWAYS to hand out fliers (has fliers that tells the other members to hand out fliers)
     - add more people to the mailing list
     - The leader
Possibly turn the socialist alliance into an evil empire over the course of the skit.

Question in meeting of how to improve public relations
     - goes down the Nazi/Soviet path
     - turns into the Socialist Alternative Alternative
     - Beatles/Lenon reference (not sure what this was about, maybe someone else can make sense of it)

Have someone who is obviously not a socialist there (an EU socialist???)

Thought to maybe have the Socialist alternative as the main bad guys in the indiana jones plot - this would allow all of the above, but would give some more interesting stuff (esp if they go down the Nazi/soviet path). This will probably only work if we do a very campus-based plot.