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just crappy idea for skit...
parody numbers - the tv show
eg. 2-3 people. serious scene in which attempting to solve some massive crime, and it's all hopeless and going badly - then, one of the typical and very unlikely brainwaves, linking an irrelevant mathematical concept to issue. lots of crazy nerdy talk and blackboard scribbling by the curly haired dude. police investigator accomplice is just standing there in silence for most of the rant - "f-this", just stands up and shoots:
  1. the suspect? lights down.
  2. the crazy maths guy? lights down
  3. the crazy maths guy and then goes off with the suspect? lights down
  4. himself?
                .....or any variation there of....  
Also... a giant unsolvable sodoku should take over the world..... um and a crazy, nerdy, maths dude should
a) be behind it
b) solve it