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not my specialty

idea for a series of 5 second sketched dispersed throughout the review, with potential to segway into a theme sketch:
inspired by

general formula goes like:

lights up, two people onstage in {appropriate costume}

person1: {comment or suggestion to do with some specific field of scholarship}
person2: {seemingly appropriate response}
person1: But doctor, surely {rebuttal}
person2: actually, im an {unrelated specialty}

for example:
in labcoats and tinted laser-safety goggles, pointing a laser pointer at the sky gleefully
1: *excitedly* So doctor, exactly how much power is in this laser?
2: Oh, at least .... *mumbles, but clearly enough for audience to hear* 5 gigagerbils. *confidently* definitly enough to down this plane!

pause, 2 continues pointing, penny drops for 1

1:  *sarcastically* "giga-gerbils"?
2:  Actually, i'm a veterinarian (maybe biologist works better here?)
fast cut lights on "veterinarian"

theres alot of room for variation and subversion, and i think they will get good quick laughs if there are a few (so audience understands the formula) and they becaome more outragous specialties as the review continues.
to work well though i think 2's second line has to be somewhat influenced by their specialty, but the pair have to be doing something relevant to 1's (assumed) specialty
remember, you can get a doctret in almost anything these days.

theme potential: he is "Dr jones" amirite?
possibly have actor in full indy costume
underneath another costume that covers it up (say surgeon's costume with facemask?)
then on "actually, im an archeologist" remove the outer costume, have hat thrown to from offstage, and move directly into theme sketch