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Ninja vs Pirates

Wasn't sure if this thing's been put up on the wiki yet so I thought I'd write something up. Feel free to move it to wherever it needs to be, I'm not entirely sure what category it comes under...

The original idea that was thrown around was to have the backstage crew be dressed as Ninjas when changing sets etc to give us something fun to do but since Engo revue (for those who didn't see it they used this idea) we decided to tweak it a bit.

Enter the Pirates, long time nemesis and mutual predator of the ninja. For the first few set changes the ninja perform seamlessly, entering and exiting like normal backstage crew and then, during the second or third set change while the ninja are moving things around a pirate walks on, levels his/her pistol and silently shoots one of the ninja (I picture one of the ninja being thrown backwards by the shot, it'd be a good visual effect and fun to do ;)  ). The rest of the pirates then chase the ninjas off stage and then continue placing the props for the next scene before dragging the body of the ninja they shot off with them.
Throughout the rest of the revue we see the pirates and ninjas battle back and forth for dominance of backstage. One side chases the other off only to be defeated the next scene change.

This would be a lot of fun for us backstage types and would make the scene changes something to look forward to rather than another tedious thing the audience has to sit through. I figure in keeping with backstage traditions it would be completely silent and obviously a very brief snippet of action each scene change.