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My one lasts longer (laptops)

An idea that came from a conversation in Wentworth one day:

Jono arrives, sees Amy with her laptop.
Jono - "Hey, check this out"
Jono takes his laptop out and shows how it's small enough to fit inside Amy's
Jono - "Mine fits inside yours"
He then sits down opposite her
Amy - "Yeah, mine is quite large, but size isn't everything"
Jono - "Well mine can last a long time too - up to 7 hours"
Amy - "Nice, mine only lasts about 3, and it takes a while to shut down as well"
Jono - "Ouch, though to tell you the truth, the reason mine lasts so long is that it's quite slow"
Amy - "Ah, I also have the advantage that you can see more at once on mine"

Might be too short, and probably needs editing.