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Ad: "Why wouldn't you?"

From an actual radio ad, it went something along the lines of:
VO: "This program is brought to you by Alpha Farm, use Alpha Farm generic medicine - Why Wouldn't You?"
Thought the "Use (product): Why Wouldn't You?" could be a good catch phrase to use, perhaps as a running joke. Haven't got any ideas to use it yet, but will post them when they come!
And I'm almost certain it actually said geneRic, not genetic.
Some Ideas:
"The Catholic Church - Why wouldn't you?"
"WYW (World Youth Week) - Why You Wouldn't" or "World Youth Day - Why You Don't" (maybe, a picture of a condom with a big red cross over it?)
"Become a Priest - Why wouldn't you?" (Silhouette of a priest holding the hand of a small child, walking off into the distance.)
"Praise Allah - Why wouldn't you?" (Some dude on stage, sitting on a pile of cushions beign fed grapes by 50 virgins)
(Video footage of Morris Illemma saying something contradictory/stupid, there's bound to be plenty) "Vote for Morris - Why wouldn't you?"
"Destination: Bali - Why wouldn't you?" (photo of Schappelle)
"Fornicate Under the Consent of the King - Why wouldn't you?" (that's a really shit example, but if someone can come up with a good acronym for words like "fuck" "sex" "shit" or rude short phrases etc could be funny - especially if the acronym stands for something serious or scientific)
Just initial ideas, feel free to edit.