Hey everyone,

Welcome to the Science Revue Wiki! This is the place where put together, discuss, and edit our sketches, songs, and dances for the 2014 Science Revue Show!

Everything you could need is under the '2014 Show' tab, just to your left.
  • All our ideas for things are under the Ideas Page. If you need inspiration, go there!
  • If you've written a lil sumpin sumpin, it goes in the 'Scripts' page,
  • Unless you wrote a music, in which case it goes in the 'Music' page.
We need to have a whole show written by the time the countdown on the left runs out. So please write a lot of things. This show is a community effort, and we're all working towards the same goals, so please don't be precious if someone writes your idea, or edits your work. Finally, if your criticism isn't constructive, maybe keep it to yourself.


Your faithful Production Team

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