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Pre-porn porn sketch

Dream sequence that alludes to other sketches maybe?

A scene in which the ending is one of the characters getting stuck in the nude sketch

Hell as a hotel

English men flying a plain that ends up flying over the audience (in a very fake way)

Pun killer

Hot air fight

Angry Reality Kitchen

A song played with broken instruments.

TED Talk Parody

A Clown couple has a domestic dispute over one of them cheating with another clown. Cue clown gags such as pulling out a string of negliges from a pocket.

A music parody of Katy Perry's Dark Horse about a magic-based board or card game don't judge me I really like this song okay. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about any games like this to write it but PLEASE SOMEONE USE THE LYRICS "So you wanna play some magic / Boy you should know what you're playing for" and "Are you ready for, ready for / A perfect score, perfect score"
As we have scientists in the circus: Clowns in the science lab.

Interrogation scene from "Silence of the Lambs" with Hannibal Lecter replaced by Luis Suarez

This would probably work best as a video sketch: 
A man coming home and basically having everything bad happen to him like those "has this ever happened to you?" shots from infomercials. Spilling his drink, having his food explode in the microwave, tripping over stuff etc. Finally settles down on the couch and turns on the tv. Infomercial channel is on. Cut to shot of his face, as he has some ridiculous reaction. Fin.

Mars One (human settlement on mars) reality show 

Person who won Star Wars experience is actually a shit actor. 
J.J. Abrams forgets whether he is directing star trek or star wars and gets them mixed up.
One of the extras for Star Wars VII turns up wearing a red shirt 
 Q- can the storm troopers shoot him?