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Call Yourself

Call Yourself

Premise: Being able to call yourself.

Joke: Calling your own phone is/leads to impossible things.

[Insert 10 seconds of regularity here]

Sam: Have you ever called your own phone?

Sonia: No.

Sam: I've always wondered what would happen.

Sonia: Let's find out!

(Sam pulls out his phone, and dials his own number.)

Sam: It's ringing.

Sam #2: Hello?

Sam #1: Hi, is this Sam?

Sam #2: Yes. Wait is this me calling?

Sam #1: Yeah. It's you. (to Sonia) It's me! This is incredible! (ring ring) Hold on Sam, I've got a call on the other line. (Answers) Hello, Sam speaking.

Sam #3: Sam, it's me, you.

Sam #1: Hey me! It's you. (to Sonia) It's me again. (to Sam) Are you the Sam I have on hold?

Sam #3: No, I'm future you.

Sam #1: Cool. So is Sam on hold past me?

Sam #3: Yes. From an alternate universe.

Sam #1: How do you know?

Sam #3: Because in the past future you told me like I'm telling you now.

Sam #1: I'll go with it. One second, I've got a call on the other line.


Sam #4: Hello?

Sam #1: Is this Sam?

Sam #4: How did you know!

Sam #1: Same voice and phone number as me.

[Sonia gets on the phone, there's another Sonia]

[One of the Sams appears beside Sam]

[Sam receives a call and it's just an echo]

[??: I'm gonna murder you.

Sam #1: What??

??: Just kidding, it's Sam.

Sam #1: You had me. One sec, got another call.]

[more jokes]

Possible endings:

1) Escalate and resolve logically = get back to reality = we see an emotional reaction as the phone runs out of power 

2) Escalate, reach ridiculous point, end it = all enter the same room and a battle royale

3) Reversal = he was the one that was getting called or didn't exist

[Then cut down to anything that doesn't explore the premise or build on the core joke]