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Song Ideas

Yellow - by the Cat Empire (coldplay to tune of hello)

the Whine song - (whining to tune of wine song by Cat empire)

another brick in the wall - about tetris

medley of creepy fairy tales set to lullaby 

people with their own theme music

different movements correspond to different sounds - gets complicated to the point of being a real song

socrates singing natalie portmans rap

ad-funk-ture time 

long skirt short jacket with crazy value system

controllers (set to Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" about heavy video game procrastination)

isaac newton's three laws of motown

choir arrangement of the game of thrones theme staged with the choir all huddled up & crouched down and they slowly & mechanically expand (like the opening credits) as the theme is performed.

the phantom of the manning bar 

medley of one hit fad songs: macarena, ketchup song, hamster dance, ends with a maudlin song about how nothing lasts forever

barber shop quartet - getting a haircut