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Ideas Page

Here is where you can find our list of rough ideas taken from writers' meetings.
These will include concepts, lines, ideas and titles that may have sounded funny. They need some fleshing out. Take the ideas and have a go at expanding them. Soon they'll be able to level up to a script! :)

*Beware! Please only delete ideas if you script them up, lest you invoke the wrath of Erinjim, the mythical firewarrior that dwells in this wiki*

Uncompound words
If you take compound words apart, they stop making sense. For example 'carpool' - A pool for cars!

Snow White is actually an incredibly creepy story

Recurring character #1: The Pun Killer
 When a sketch is about to end in an awful pun, the Pun Killer steps out from behind some scenery and kills whoever was about to make the pun.

Recurring character #2: Escape Guy
Keeps getting into unexplainable awkward situations. He escapes the sketch by climbing up a rope ladder at the back of the stage, then running off the Juliets.

MurderBro and VictimChump

UN Book Club
"We call upon the delegates from Iran."
"I am President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and I've been reading The Time Traveller's Wife."

Child with dark imagination
“Let’s play a game. My parents are dead, I’m an orphan, and people are ants!”
“Let’s play a game. My parents are dead, I’m an orphan, and everything is upside down!”

Kids who live in a volcano play THE FLOOR IS CARPET!

Late, irritable, Cthulu
"Aww guys! You started the Armageddon without me? Now there are no more souls to destroy! We talked about this guys. There's only one bus route near my place. You know I'm a night person."

A dad and his kid are having an important meaningful conversation. A marching band comes across the stage and sweep the kid away. 

Someone gets stabbed by a trombone.

Linguistics lecturer has a breakdown
"And as you can see, demonstrative articles cannot have semantic reference without some form of contextual information. For instance the word 'this' in example (iv): 'IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED AFTER EIGHTEEN YEARS TOGETHER?' However, note that while 'this' occupies a Noun Phrase position, it could equally be substituted for a Verb Phrase, such as example (v): '

The Avengers Cooking Show
"And just leave those lasagne sheets to thaw."
"Not you, Thor."

"Earth's Tastiest Heroes"

Optometrist is an aspiring artist
"Which of these is better: one or two?"
"And these, which is better: one or two?"
"Still one"
"And which of these is better: one or two?"
"These are drawings of cottages."
"Yup. Yup. Just go with it. Which is better: one or two?"
"I knew it."

Cats looking at human memes

Museum of Museums 

League of Ordinary Gentlemen

The T.A.R.D.I.S.
Not actually bigger on the inside, just an elaborate use of mirrors

the doctor once met MC Escher who insisted on painting the walls 

Black box chocolate    (smoking cocoa leaf)

Max Brenner   =  superhero / villain (white/dark chocolate)

Willy Wonka abuses the child labor laws

Willy Wonka talking to architect about chocolate house

Monks = cult of monkeys

Alcoholism as the family trade

Drinking makes you sober

Inside the drunk brain (little drunk people)

Guy dressed as a St. Bernard drinks brandy in front of victim
"Well, it sure is cold out, isn't it?"
"Y'know, this 1917 was a very good year for Rémy Martin. Very passable."

Drunk subtitles video sketch 
Characters say what they say. Subtitles say what they mean.

Thelma and Louise – smash into car driving off other side
This would be really easily staged. Maybe an animation? Do we have that kind of budget?

Ducking lot of ducks

Captain Hands
Captain Hook before the accident

Upperclass pirates
I say, Arr. Wouldn't it be a jolly good idea to walk the plank? Rather!

Graduation of Evil Doctor : doctorate of treachery

Unfortunate Musical
Character talking about how they can't sing anymore. The orchestra keeps starting to lead them into a song.

There’s something about Betty White

Laser eye surgery – how Cyclops got his power

Cat burglar laser light distraction

Shooting lasers into space attracts cat planet

Magical pencils (underwhelming)

Chalk dead body outline mistaken for actual corpse
Perhaps by 2D detective?

Wizards dissing pencils in favour of the quill

Euphemisms that don’t make any sense

Puff the magic dragon intervention

Batman party
Everyone dresses as Batman except Bruce Wayne
"I'm Batman"
"I'm also the Batman."
"Uhh. Hi everyone. I'm... Bruceman?"

 Batmanman -   man who precedes everything he says with nanananananana

Dinosaur interview

Couples interventions : relationships with items

People identifying hemselves as literary terms eg anti-hero , dramatic foil

Cthulu gets a dating coach

Sorting into political parties : the sorting hat

Character doesn't get off stage fast enough: gets stuck in next sketch

Person who is in a musical / has their own theme music

Song duet – but singing about two different things

Someone bases all their emergency procedures on disaster films

The Bugalugs Head Thief
"I promised myself I wouldn't cry"
Why does Jim find this phrase so funny?
Rock Merlin
Bulletman - The Shit Superhero
Rockman - The Shittier Superhero

A literal comedy night

"Why did the tomato blush?"
"Tomatoes don't have sentience. They can't blush."

Can't make a butterfly? Make some butter fly!
Trying to explain figures of speech
"He was hitting on your girlfriend." "WHAT!?"
Undercover cop pretends to be a doctor - is forced to perform surgery on a patient
Explosive device inside a pineapple, but no-one can disarm it because pineapples are all spiky and stuff
The Bamboo Whisperer
Solving Crime with the aid of Bamboo
Movements on stage correlate with certain sounds from the orchestra
guy who discovers this ends up dancing and creating a very complex song
Eg. checking your watch = maraccas
The Pope refuses to bless someone unless they sneeze

Alternately: Recurring character #3: The Pope who bless someone anytime a character sneezes in any sketch.
Sneezing as a disability
To get parking spaces etc
RIding into battle on pantomime horses

A hula hoop? OR A NOSE RING FOR A GIANT?!?!?!?!?!

Craig Shop
Selling only the finest handmade Craigs

The DogPicker
"Excuse me, Mrs DogPicker..."
"Oh my gosh! I never realised. Thank you, DogPicker!"

Kids playing 'What is Time, Mister Wolf?'

How to cook like Gordon Ramsay
Okay, first you need a large bowl which can WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? THIS ISN'T A SOUFFLE! IT'S A PRISON SENTENCE! Next, you need a...

Spectators pay a busking magician by putting rabbits into his hat   (probably a video sketch)

A butterfly having to turn back into a caterpillar

A statue of a Anglo-saxon warrior that only moves when unseen: known as the "weeping Angle".

scarab beetle loses god status in Egypt after losing a battle of walk like an egyptian 

SONG IDEA - i dont want no scarabs 
a song about pest control in pyramids to the tune of 'i dont want no scrubs'

a fashion show of clothing for alternative pets 

romeo and juliet balcony scene obstructed by the blinds 

evil printers 
there's a paper jam - who could have done this??

printers as a weapon 
shooting paper for paper cuts , just throwing the printer at them 

The fine print of birth
sign here to be born 'the fine print' , shitty stuff you will go through in life

uber hipster cafe 
weird menu items

popeye and spinach is updated to coffee and coffeeman!

someone tries to argue pies as the ultimate achievement of humanity

Imaginary numbers wish to be real  - a pinnocchio story

chemicals anonymous 
Hi I'm benzene, I'm nice because i'm so emotionally stable
Uranium is trying to get rid of its bad rep 

Agent smith has an identity crisis

trains dystopia
thomas the tank engine comes to cityrail to find a dystopic future of terror 
personally violated by hobo 

biggest loser celebrity 
feat. the fat controller, the big knights 

father son talks 
really scientific questions 
sex talk initiated by innocent questions ie hey dad are we out of milk? well son....

Dr Who singalong extravaganza 

a watchmaker who doesnt understand the concept of time

childlike validation for important achievements 
stickers for graduating - scratch and sniff for head of class

Correct tv role models
sit still and quiet time, eat your peas time

conspiracy theories of robots 
theories that celebrity characters (who are actually robots) are secretly robots 

the borg assimilate Caterpillars - gain their characteristics 

darlek soap opera 
honey i'm home 

a magician who puts sand everywhere
'check your pockets'  'what the hell man?''

CanOnlyFlyBackwardsMan-The Shittest Superhero

Wolfs used to be fearsome creatures, but since the invention of "What's the time Mr Wolf" they have been seen as fun, friendly pixies.

Soap Opera - an opera about soap
I wouldn't trust him, Veronica, he's a slippery man.
We're...we're all slippery.
He needs to clean up his act.

A character is faced with a very serious and dire ultimatum.
The instant they make their choice, Gary Oak kicks down a door.
"IN THAT CASE, ILL CHOOSE [the other one]"

Philosophers Anonymous
All really annoyed that their ideas are misunderstood - Confucius's philosophies are actually a game like Simon Says etc.
Alternatively, mundane people in mundane places talking about deep philosophical things.

Literal superheros
catwoman keeps bringing people dead birds

dothraki hobo with really long hair praised for fighting skills

Benji Madden betrays Joel Madden to the High Council of Galactic Republics so that he may gain dominion of the Solar Empire and her Dependencies

A character who pulls increasingly weird things out of his pockets with genuine explanations (maybe murder implements) 

Cat woman's superpower: being dead and alive at the same time.

Heisenberg man: who always know exactly where he is or how fast he is going but never both at the same time.

Schrödinger's cat is a zombie: it's dead and alive at the same time.
Jesus is also a zombie: 
postulate: who else could be a zombie???

A sketch happens on stage. One character trips and fails to get off stage, thus becoming trapped in the next sketch.

anti gravity on stage!

speech bubbles: screwing up the miming actors
alternatively - 1920's style porno soundless 

very casual conversation accompanied by inception music/noises

Two famous scientists (Newton and Einstein) in a Mac vs PC style ad talking about their theories.

A man asks women around for chloroform: it turns out that he need to clean some DNA (doesn't have to be that specific: just say that he's a chemist or something).

That's it. There is literally nothing else I can get from this idea other than just writing the word cockaburra.

BUDDY COP – Schrödinger / Heisenberg

An homage to the z-grade movie – with love from scientists  

 Game of thrones characters writing their own stories

-          Podric – and then I have a huge dick and everyone loves me

Translations for politicians  

-          I respect the speakers opinion  = fuck you 

The invisible man's alter ego = harold holt 

Wearing black in mourning after losing one’s virginity

Bearsharkgofishtopuss – mix of creatures in disasters to the point that they can't function

“please kill me”  

My Roommates a swordfish! 
Human Furniture/Props
Abuse the dancers????

Brady Bunch Heads video sketch

Computer Voice belongs to a real fleshperson

Murder Mystery set in Old Teachers' College

VOICEOVER: Science Revue now presents: HAMLET; in 120 seconds:
Ghost: Hello i'm a Ghost
H-Or are you a devil
G-Still a ghost
G-Definitely a ghost man
<literally two minutes later>
<lights down and Hamlet still pondering>
<lights up and many dead bodies on the stage, Hamlet still where he is>
Everyone is dead-MY GOD IT IS A GHOST
Polonius-Sigh...fuck you Hamlet

Hamlet done in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan:
Hamlet-Oh my god it's a ghost
Ghost-Yes I am a ghost
Hamlet-It's a ghost it's a ghost it's a ghost

A gilbert and Sullivan piece where there's one straight man calling everyone out on how people just repeat the exact same stuff every sentence:
Person A-Oh my god I can't believe what just happened

voiceover idea:        Today's News: The Bible wins Pulitzer prize for best written fiction. Christians outraged. 

Kittens in a sink, Where am I gonna wash my hands?

Mimes playing charades. When they're acting the charades they talk, and when they guess the charades they act.

Mysteries of Time and Space, investigated by Veronica Mars

 Gollum wedding video sketch

Bananas not in pyjamas (laundry day?)

Schrodinger one night stand – did you or didn’t you sleep with him

Schrondinger chengs dick trick

Human trafficking = pedestrian traffic - Tony Abbott

Doctors conspiracy - doctor keeping secret remedies

Yugioh rap battle

Lack of pride rock (animals replaced with onesies)

Cows replaced with onesies

Zoos are jails for criminal animals

Do/don’t time travel

Roscorch spills coffee

Skeptics watch

Tooth fairy why needs teeth

Cookie monster lecture

would you rather


Tame ganstas – no lingo

Cowboys and west Indians

Stoner becomes buddist

*Harry potter batman orphans

Slippery slope – gay marriage

Nightmare on elmo street

Riddle advice column

Magic School bus to the trailer of speed

*Elvis reaction: hound dog stood on his blue swede shoes

*‘Lord’ Voldemort not technically a member of the british aristocracy

Recycling people – I’m finished with this boyfriend but maybe someone else wants him Council pickup

Not recyling because you want garbage to die forever

Recycling ideas – repeating old jokes for the good of the environment

Pigs know where bacon is hidden

Big bold wolf

Bring your pig to school day

Commentating : a psychological compulsion

Sexual connotations of 1st base etc for baseball players

Father son fishing trip – brown bear style

Teenage mutant ninja artists

Modern renaissance man

Minors have a renaissance movement

Ariel never gets over people having feet


All roads lead to rome – trying to leave rome

Wizard Knife fight