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Who's That Pokemon? Film Noir Mystery

So my basic idea here is a sketch where you have Professor Oak trying to figure out a mystery. A bunch of different Pokemon have been committing crimes around Pallet town or Viridian City or something, and Oak is trying to figure out who did it, basic noir whodunit. This is mostly inspired by the idea of using "Who's That Pokemon?" pictures as mugshots and my love of noir. So some lines could be:

"They call me the Professor. For the past few weeks, I've been investigating a string of seemingly unconnected crimes committed by Pokemon that seem to have nothing in common. A Chansey snatches a shipment of Poke Balls from under Nurse Joy's nose. A Gastly was seen skulking around the Poke Mart and the next day a crate of Potions was found opened and empty in the store room. Nothing in common they say, but I think differently. Every witness has had this one thing to say, the thread that ties this otherwise useless pack of Magikarp together: The eyes. Every single one has mentioned the eyes."

It ends up being Ditto - he's the one that can change into whatever, but he retains his eyes.
I really like the image of Professor Oak shaking down an innocent civilian and waving a "Who's That Pokemon?" of Ditto in someone's face.

"I... I don't know, I swear! I've never seen it before in my life!"
"You're lying! You know who it is! Now spill, or you won't like the consequences!"

It's no use. I turn to Dex, but as I rifle through his tattered pages I know in my heart I won't find anything. He's as empty of answers as my nephew Gary is of sense.