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The AI Phone (Sketch idea)

Ideas for a sketch: not about an iPhone, but about an AI Phone.

The AI Phone...
  • develops opinions about your contact list and won't call certain people; it calls people you didn't ask it to because "you should ring them more often" or "you were cute together".
  • has manic/depressive mood swings and has to be cajoled into ringing anyone, or is otherwise nervous and has to be encouraged: "But I won't know what to say!"
  • is linked with the rest of your smart house and won't shut up about the gossip on the fridge
  • has memory loss and can't remember your contacts
  • only has one app - apparently the best app in existence, but it has some problems...
  • will switch to speakerphone at the times calculated to cause maximum embarrassment
  • malfunctions on low battery or poor reception
  • develops a personality, which is lovable, competent and generally great - then gets a virus and turns evil
  • wants a cool case just like all the other phones have. "But everyone else's owner lets them have one!"
  • hacks into your computer and bothers you about the contents
  • constantly yells at you to play Angry Birds or another addictive game
  • wishes it were upgraded to a wall phone - or thinks wall phones are dorky nerds, so 90s - or wants an antenna to be "retro"
  • is running down your data limit by playing the mobile version of World of Warcraft

Could begin with someone who's had trouble with their iPhone trying to trade it in; the shopkeeper offers a deal on the AI Phone, the customer takes it home and the fun begins.

Alternatively, the customer's already had the phone for a while and this is a typical day of trying to use it.