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Guy is struggling to open Skittles bag carefully. Steve walks up to him and looks at him disapprovingly.

Steve: Gimme that. (snatches Skittles bag) Pussy.

Steve puts all his strength into opening the bag.

Guy: NO! Don’t! It’ll- (bag explodes, Skittles fly everywhere)


Guy: What have you done?!

Steve: Get over it, it was just a couple of Skittles.

Spilled Skittles on the ground begin to swarm around Steve’s feet.

Steve: What the hell?

Guy: Awww I knew this would happen.

Skittles swarm engulfs Steve’s whole body. Steve flails his arms, trying to swat them away.

Steve: Get them off me! AAH! THEY’RE BITING ME! AAAAAH!

Steve curls up on the floor. Camera looks up at Guy as he screams erratically and
looks down at Steve on the ground. The Skittles swarm eventually dissipates and the camera reveals Steve’s body has been consumed by the swarm, leaving only a skeleton.

Smash cut, red background. Skittles Logo on screen. Text underneath: "Taste the rainbow, bitch"