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Sexy Magic Teen Vampire Werewolf Ninjas!

Imagine this as a stereotypical new show being hocked by Foxtel. Beautiful people, bad acting and lots of over the top drama and grittiness. Just an idea:

This summer, be prepared for the greatest motherfucking show on earth. It's got vampires who are also werewolves and ninjas and they kick all sorts of ass. From the producer of that show people liked for inexplicable reasons and that other show that rode what was popular shamelessly – this show boasts fight scenes and gratuitous nudity and sex scenes – it's all about the sexy vampire werewolf ninjas living their beautiful teen lives while they sleep with one another and engage in wizard duels. Did we mention they're magic too? Well they fucking are! And why the fuck not? It's sexy magic teen vampire werewolf ninjas – all thrills and pointless drama without so much a shred of a plot - because fuck you that's why – you'll watch anyway. So catch sexy magic teen vampire werewolf ninjas this summer on fox because we think you're stupid and you're going to prove us right!