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promo idea

OPENS ON clips from a sketch, though done in a lacklustre manner somehow: perhaps the acting is off.


MARTHA: George, you keep spilling your coffee on my lounge!


GEORGE: Oh, Martha.


CUT TO DANI & MICHAEL sitting in directors’ chairs, brightly lit, being interviewed. They are wearing DIRECTOR SUNGLASSES.


MICHAEL: [speaking in a broad faux-German accent] Ja, verkink on Sin City vas a great honour for me, because, you know, I haf alvays vanted to … to be released from prison, and zis vas an opportunity for me … to do zat. Same for you, Dani?


DANI says nothing, and does not move. MICHAEL looks back at the camera.


OBVIOUS CUT to another time.


MICHAEL: [laughing] Zere vere a lot of challenges to overcome during filmink. Ze actors vere very composed, und I vanted somezink a little more method, a little more free. So I told zem to start improvisink, und zen I started dosink zem vis crystal meth. Right, Dani?


DANI holds up a cardboard sign saying ‘Entenküken’. Subtitles say ‘For sure!’


CUT BACK to the original sketch.


MARTHA: Jesus, George, the spiders are coming out of my eyes! [DOLLY ZOOM AWAY]


GEORGE: They’re my spiders! MINE! [he leaps for her eyes]


CUT TO DANI & MICHAEL. MICHAEL is being handcuffed by POLICE OFFICERS and DANI is holding up a sign covered with INDECIPHERABLE GERMAN. Subtitles say ‘COME SEE SCIENCE REVUE!’




TITLE CARD: SIN CITY, [dates & details]