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Lightsabre batteries

Lightsabre Batteries


A Jedi and a Sith are in a lightsabre battle.  Their swards are flashing and buzzing as they fight; the Sith gets the upper hand.  Just as he is about to deliver the final strike, his lightsabre flickers and dies.


He tries to turn it on again.  There’s an awkward glance between the Sith and the Jedi.  The Sith opens the hilt and pulls out two AA batteries.  He reaches into a pocket and pulls out two new ones, fumbles them into place.  Tries to turn the lightsabre on.  It doesn’t work.  There’s another awkward glance between the Sith and the Jedi.


The Jedi indicates to the Sith; the Sith understands.  He takes out the batteries and tries them upside-down.  Still nothing.  He shakes it.  The Sith and Jedi both have that look on their faces of the irritation felt when a laptop runs out of power.


CUT to a kitchenette, the Sith and Jedi leaning against the counter and drinking tea.  There is awkward eye contact.   Between them the Sith’s lightsabre is plugged into an adaptor and charging at the power point.  The Jedi takes another sip of tea.