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Jurassic Parkour

So this was Toby's pun... but I thought this might be cool for a short filler video:

Basically it would have a short intro, something like "Science Revue presents- Jurassic Parkour"  and the video would just be people doing 'parkour' around the uni dressed in a dinosaur onesies. By parkour I simply mean running and jumping around manning couches/victoria park/eastern ave/other well known areas in uni. It could be a silly filler. Unless there are people that can actually parkour. Then it would be sick. 

  • T-Rex sees the other dinosaurs doing cool stuff, says to himself "I can do that". He then tries to climb over a fence, but can't reach the top because of his short arms. His tiny arms scramble as he slides back down the fence.
  • Pterodactyl just flies around. Other dinosaurs are upset that he's "cheating".