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Dark Trailer

Imagine this as like the trailer to a superhero movie. Open with a shot of maybe some trees in the rain and a lone figure standing with his back to the audience, swathed in shadows. Maybe edit in some red eyes in the darkness.

In a world where horrible monsters rule the wild. Two young boys, rivals from birth, forgotten by their families, set out on a quest.

Here cut betweens two characters as they get ready in some stereotypical way. 

A quest where they must learn to harness the power within them to master the beast.

Here a growl and see the two characters peering off into a gloomy evening.

A quest to become the very best.

Show more images of the typical darker and grittier nature of commercials these days. A shot of a chest full of gleaming badges covered in grime. Maybe a shot of four figures aligned in a collumn of light, only their silhouettes visible.

A quest that will change their lives, and bring them together.

Show the two characters shaking hands in an arena.

Or it will utterly destroy them.

Drop the reveal that it's about pokemon with Ash pulling his cap backwards and drawing his cloak back to reveal a set of pokeballs.

Have a montage of images to suitable epic percussive music with realistic pictures of varying pokemon. At the crescendo reveal the logo.

This summer. Catch them all. Or die trying.

Something like that. Just an idea I had that amused me.