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Go son, go!

Scene: Rugby game, people cheering on sidelines. One player has broken through the defensive line and is running with the ball

Man on sideline  next to touchline: "Go Son! Go Son, go!"


Player: (stops suddenly) "Son?!? But that means .." (eyes widen and a grand look of realisation appears on his face, This music probably starts playing:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VMCiewc7mE&t=0m7s)  "DADDY!"

Slow-motion shot of player running towards man slow-motion  yelling "DADDY!", Everyone on the sidelines is gesturing frantically for him to run towards the touch-line. )


(Player reaches man and cradles him, music softens)


Player: "Dad, I knew you would come back! It's been 18 years but I never stopped believing! I'm going to win this game for you , Dad! And then you'll be proud of me and we can be happy again!" (Player runs back onto the pitch, man is left looking terribly confused)


Other Player: (shoves player, music stops abruptly) "Why'd you do that? That was a easy try!"


Player: "You don't understand, my dad called me son from the sidelines!"


Other Player: "You idiot! You're not the only one, look!" (points to man)


(Player observes man yelling "go son" to another boy running with the ball)


(He looks sad for a second) Player: "But that means..."   (his eyes wise widen and a grand look of realisation appears on his face, same music as before starts playing but louder) "I HAVE A BROTHER!"


(Slow motion shot, player running towards boy and slow-motion yelling "BROTHER!!", tears streaming down his face)


End scene