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EB sales posters

Dude reading the paper.  Flatmate walks into the room.

Dude: EB's having a sale!
Flatmate:  I know.  It's today!
Dude:  It's today?
Flatmate: It's today.

(excitable video editing ensues)

Cut to them leaving the house.

Cut to them getting in car. 

Cut to them driving to shops.

Cut to them parking car. 

Cut to them getting out of car.

Cut to them taking the escalator. 

Cut to them fighting through shopping centre crowds.

Cut to the front of the EB store, which is plastered in SALE posters.  There's no longer a door.

Cut to Dude and Flatmate with looks of shock and terror on their faces as they realise they can't get in.

(all of that cutting would take maybe three, four seconds)

Possible ending 1:  Dude goes Incredible Hulk on everyone.

Close-up of his enraged face, edit a green filter effect on him, he pushes through the milling crowd of confused and thwarted shoppers, and smashes through the SALE promo posters into the store. 

Cut to the sales assistants looking confused.

Sales person:  ... What do we do now?

Possible ending 2:  Is this irony?

Close-up of Dude and Flatmate looking thwarted.  All the other thwarted shoppers are just standing outside likewise looking confused.

Cut to inside the shop.  Sales person stares at the poster-barricaded door.  Elevator muzak plays.

Sales person 1:  Well.  Management sure has an interesting idea of the concept of retail.

Possibel ending 3:  What do they sell?

Close-up of Dude going incredible Hulk, as before, he bursts through the SALE posters and into the shop. 

Close-up to the sales assistants looking confused.

Sales person 1:  ... What do we do now?

Sales person 2:  ... I don't know.  They didn't train me for anything other than putting posters up.  I've been honing that craft for so long I've forgotten how to do anything else. 

Sales Person 1:  .....

Sales Person 2:  .......

Sales Person 1:  We could ... sell ... something?

Wide camera shot to show the entire shop with everything - EVERYTHING - covered in SALE posters.

Possible ending 4:  ???