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EB's having a sale

[Open to a shot of a guy chilling on the couch, obviously bored]

Tom:  Need something to do.  Maybe play a video game?

[EB sale commercial comes on television]

Tom:  Awesome, I can finally buy Arkham City!

[Cut to the shopping centre.  Tom is standing outside of EB, which is completely plastered with "SALE" and "50-70% OFF" Posters.  Even the entrances are obscured with huge tent-like "SALE" posters]

[Tom enters the store.  The entirety of the store walls are covered with "SALE" posters, making the store appear ominously red]

Tom:  Hello?  Is anyone here?

[Tom hears a groan and another customer lurches out from behind a pile of preowned video games.  He has reduced games piled up on his body, similar to a poison headcrab zombie from Half-Life 2.  Unable to speak under the weight of video games, he moans and lurches around to try and find the counter]

Tom:  Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Arkham City?  Please, anyone!  Help me!

[He goes around a corner and sees video game characters strapped up to the wall under "SALE" posters, Aliens style.  Tom wanders past Mario, Master Chief, Link and others until he finds Batman]

Tom:  Batman... I need a copy of Arkham City.  Do you have it?

[Tom starts trying to rip Batman out of the posters cocoon when Batman starts spluttering]

Batman:  Blargh. Uuugghh.  AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH.

[A copy of Arkham City covered in grime falls out of Batman's mouth and into Tom's hands]

Tom:  Yes, I've got it!  Now only too....

[Tom turns, and a crowd of customers weighed down with games similar to the first one are standing, staring at the copy of Arkham City in Tom's hand.  They start to growl angrily and shuffle towards them]


[Tom starts to beat his way past the customers.  He bashes one on the head who falls into a pile of posters.  Posters start flying everywhere until the entire store is filled with a whirlwind of "SALE" posters.  Tom beats past the other customers, crawls through the tangle of posters and finally bursts out of the store, his clothing ripped and covered in several posters and sale sticker]

Tom:  I made it.  I survived the EB SALE.

[A security guard walks up to Tom]

Security Guard:  Excuse me son.  Did you pay for that video game?

Tom:  Oh, Uh... well it was chaos in there sir, and I completely forget.

Security Guard:  Very well, but I can't let you go without paying for that game.  You're going to have to go back in and pay for it.

[Tom's eyes go wide and we heard the groans of customer-zombies and flutter of posters and the security guard pulls a terrified Tom back into the EB store]