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Dove Body Scrub

*Open on a park with the camera perpendicular to a path, and a man runs onscreen along the path from the side. Cut to in front of the man as he runs along and spots something off screen. Cut to a sexy sexy lady. Cut back to him and he waves. Cut back to her and she walks away, holding her nose closed and waving him off. Cut to him and he stops running, his shoulders slumping as he looks dejected. Looks at camera as VO talks*

VO: Are you tired of your Body Odour turning away your loved ones?

*Man nods dejectedly*

VO: Do you want a product that can cut your odour off at its source?

*Man brightens and nods excitedly*

VO: Then you should try new Dove Body Scrub.

*Man runs off screen. Cut to his apartment building front door and he runs up the stairs, unlocks the door and runs inside. Cut to the other side of the front door, he comes in and hurls the door shut, running into the bathroom. Shot of man ripping off his shirt. Shot of man grabbing a white dove off the counter. Shot of man above the waist getting into shower. Shot of man through frosted shower door, rubbing something white up and down his body to the sound of a bird squawking in discontent, or a shot of the man moving into the shower slightly offscreen, the sound of a shower turning on, the sound of the bird squawking in discontent, and feathers flying on-screen from the direction of the shower. Cut to a shot of the bathroom window from outside, where an arm extends out the window and drops a dark and dirty pigeon into a flock of pigeons on the street below. Fade in the Dove logo. End.*